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Which Is Better Java or  Dot NET?

Which Is Better Java or Dot NET?

Building a software needs a lot of decision-making on the developer's part and opting for the right technology is the most challenging thing both product owners and CTOs have to face. This entire task turns harder when you prefer to read some articles or browse IT communities. Nowadays, developers are way to eager to defend themselves and their preferred technology and this thing has no end. While a developer will see various flaws in their technology, and the other will just ignore them and leave you with a list of disadvantages. This is a subjective overview of the technologies and today, I have considered taking Java as a part in the battle of frameworks. The final question that arises is whether Java or .NET is more suitable for software development? Let's dive in for details.


.NET.jfif .NET is an open-source framework set up by Microsoft and is mainly for Microsoft product users. It first came in 2002 and the framework was only used for Microsoft then. So, it tells us that you could not run already build applications and code on Android, Linux, or iOS as it was a close-source system. After the launch of .NET Core in 2016, the position of framework in the market was completely changed. If some companies thought to ignore .NET due to its less usage before, they then begin to include it in every discussion about the choice of framework. .NET is considered as a good opponent of Java. Currently, .NET 5, previously known as .NET Core is a top-most framework as it is free from all limitations that the old Windows-only .NET Framework 4.8 possessed. .NET 4.8 is seen as a legacy technology and .NET 5 is successfully utilized for building projects related to huge complexity levels. .NET supports languages like C++, C#, F#, etc. and also follows an object-oriented paradigm. Besides, it has Common Language Runtime that performs compiled source code.


JAVA.jpg Java) is a general-purpose, cross-platform, class-based, and object-oriented programming language. It came 26 years ago and is still in news. According to the survey of Stack Overflow, Java was ranked 5th in the rating among the most famous programming languages. Java has a unique way of working where you just write a code and it gets compiled to Bytecode easily. Later, the Java virtual machine converts that code as per the needs of various devices. We can use Java in almost every branch like IoT, eCommerce, finance, stock market, etc. It can also be executed in Big data yet it has not peaked its popularity in that area. I believe that the potential of Java is not fully realized till now and there's a lot to hear about it soon.

What is the need to compare them?

You may be thinking why we are comparing a programming language and a framework. The answer to this is we often refer Java as a framework also. Besides, it supports languages like Scala, Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy, etc. Both frameworks are used to develop web or desktop applications and are famous for developing tough enterprise solutions. They are object-oriented, permit code modularity, and have similar syntax both based on C++ and C. So, both .Java and .NET are broadly used for enterprise-level, software development, and big data applications. Moreover, it makes some sense to compare these two technologies to view what suits your project as a client or your choices as a developer.

Reasons why Dot Net is better than Java?

After learning about both these languages individually, let us view at the reasons why Dot Net is better than Java?

Secure Platform

Dot Net is completely monitored by Microsoft's Asp.NET as a closed platform. So, any issues related to security are fully handled professionally and use the current technologies. For an open-source language like Java, it is a daunting task due to the lack of professional supports and resources. Furthermore, often updates while runtime can truly spoil the user experience and irritate some users too. You won't face such issues with Dot Net.

Mature Runtime as CLR

Common Language Runtime (CLR) is considered the best in many technical parameters than JVM or JRE. It is due to JVM is a compiler and it easily translates Java Bytecode into comprehensive instruction for or underlying operating systems, not directly for computing machines. Resulting, it is always slow and requires often updates for supports of operating systems. You won't get such problems with CLR of Dot Net.

Mature Programming Languages

When we look for languages, Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language whereas Dot NET is a framework that uses C# for writing codes. Java has some strict conventions whereas C# is flexible even though its a high level language with great programming properties.

Powerful IDE

As we all are aware of Dot NET using Visual Studio with all the features and tools in it. Developers take an advantage and develop applications with any scale of intricacies. It permits developers to design, program, test, and debug any sort of app targeted at ASP.NET.


To wrap up, Java or .NET difference, I can say that those who are beginning from scratch and wish to learn a language whose information is easily there in the internet world can choose Java. For those who have aced the skills of Java and wish to move ahead and explore some other areas as well can opt for security provider Dot NET.

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